Make Sure He's Worth ItMature

I know my life has been pointless and brief 

Yet filed inexplicably with only grief 

How many years will it take to repair 

The soul and hart you treated so unfair 

Now its my bones that are lying 

Burning up, losing breath, simply dying 

Smother me, but lie in my last breath 

Pretend that im not already meeting death 

With time stopped and eyes dimming with the sun 

Heart stopped beating, im lsoing this fight

Im almost done... 

Im just about dead but not quite 

Id rather lose this life than see you as someone elses light  

This exchange of words has left me wishing for telephone cords 

To dangle, to lose a bit of breath, feet slipping of boards 

Forget i ever existed, like a bad dream 

Only you had the means

To cut me at my most vulnerable seams 

Have you lost all sight of right and wrong 

Shut the door in my face, ill slit my wrist and write a cliche song 

The End

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