Make Me Forget

Thing you want to remember ,you don't and those you want to forget don't cease to recur.

 I remember her dress , gold and white,

Her rosy lips and cheeks bright,

The smile that played in her naughty eyes,

When she kissed me on the stairs that night;

Like a temptress of old, I knew in another life,

A strange dream with shackles tight;

Her scent ignites hope and life,

An Illusion of privilege ,not in sight;

Possessed by her day and time,

And tried for what crime?


Madness of men I fear afar,

Trapped in mazes of memory and power;

So release my mind,

And burn my ropes;

From burdens past,

And errors cold;

Make  a prayer ,my love and let,

of you make me forget.




The End

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