Make it All Worth it

Whichever way the wind blows

Make it all worth it

Is what I’d say but

I didn’t know,



All those precious memories

Were long away

I nearly cry for you

The pain you went through

Emotionally tied

Galloping voices

Screaming anger


What did you hear?



Or was it Red Death

Came too silently

So quiet, that you

Didn’t even react when

It all happened

Maybe it was too surprising

That you didn’t know what



To do with you’re self



I would say, make it all worth it

And give you a pat on the back

But how much are you really hurting?



                                    Even now is it still creeping behind?

      Are you scared of the floods to come?

                               The burdens to carry

Do you miss all that you use to have?

                         Did you lose any of your dreams?

                                                              Events to look forward to

          Here I’d say, make it all worth it


With every passing day

With every breath you take

With every friend you make

And if it ever hurts

You can come to me

And if you don’t want talk

I will stand by you

The End

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