Make her climax!

So sick of those shows that show up on channels late at night or early in the morning. I do understand that it is a legitimate problem, but so sick of seeing them being exploited like this.

So here's my own blue pill

Just take one of those blue pills
It's satisfaction guaranteed!
Designed to enhance your prowess
Make a woman weak on her knees

On many men has it been tested
from those boudoirs comes a sigh
the happy men smile in triumph
and those grateful women want to cry

The secret to the pill is the research
and it's designed to tame the beast
It very gently induces a stupor
until he is powerless to resist!

Upon waking from this morning-after
he is greeted with a welcoming smile
believing he had a satisfying encounter
with several compliments on his style

The call does not cost a penny
and operators are standing by
The packaging is quite discrete
for those so willing to try

It's all for a very low price
this cudgel we'll throw for free
Should the pill fail for any reason
just hit where it matters with glee!

The End

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