Make a Change

Inner Conflicts.

Quit fooling around.

Get off the ground.

Wipe the blood off your lips

Finally need to get a grip

Take the blade,

Make a change

Turn the world

inside out.

Make them see

what they fear.

Make them fear

what they want.

Turn this place

upside down.

Hear the keys

hit the ground.

Shaking inside,

barely alive.

Stumbling again,

Bodys limp.

Eyes are cloudy.

Breath shortens.

Heart beats faster.

Palms get tighter.

Turn your tears

into rage.

Smash this place,

screams fade.

Look around,

destructions the key.

Wipe your hands,

wash your blade.

Make a change.

Close your eyes.

Let go.

The End

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