Magick of Unicorns

facts about unicorns

Magickal creatures
With wondrous appeal
In our world of dreams
however concealed

The mystery surrounding them
Leaves our inner child enchanted
A story for centuries
Brings satisfying fulfillment

Their graceful stride
Barely touching the ground
Sit silently when spotted
Don't make a sound

Their existence is prehistoric
way back in time
The trail of a unicorn
Impossible to find

The myth of a unicorn
Has many a tale
Hunted for horns
Used to protect the frail

Another tale upon us
Known as a wild woodland creature
Believed to tame them
Virgin Mary was the only teacher

Their eyes are light brown
Or very dark blue
Beautiful and large
they will mystify you

Hooves of a horse
Long horns on their forehead
Five magnificent colours
Yellow, blue, white, black and red

Such a beautiful coat
so pure and white
with tails of an ox
they are a magickal site

Unicorns are private
Please respect this
Allow them to surface
In time, a wonderful bliss

Some say just imagination
Others vow they are real
Whatever you believe
They will come back to heal

It is in their nature to return
When evil and power comes to an end
They will make their presence known
Where genuine love begins

They have long enchanted us
With purity and grace
A beautiful symbol
Living in their own special place

These beautiful creatures
So lovely and divine
These magickal unicorns
Will bring peace in our new time

The End

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