Magical Hyperreality

I think this is the most rhyming poem you will ever get out of me and that's saying something. That said, I love this poem.

Could we ever comprehend you

The poet of magic

Without finding you oh so tragic?

Abracadabra in a moment of duress

Cannot the loving thought of a mother caress?


This night we are feeling rather restless

Could we ever be as complex as we were as children?

Loving each other without pointless predetermination

Could we ever best this?


The eyes of the maker of the bloody watchtower

Could never see what we chose to devour

The heart severed open upon the spikes

The boy without fear of the end of his life


Cast out the dragons of fantasy and lore

A bit of advice to you abhorrent creature

Fly out, let her through and do not seek her!


Weakened and strained our ligaments pulled strange

Avoiding the future by ignoring the deranged

As we embark on a journey to seek not destroy


That rugged path to the future must not preclude us

The path of enlightenment must always elude us

Because the powers that be are not you or me

They are hidden behind vast centuries

Of those who would dilute us


Wake up to the passion

Come up to the game

Clark Kent isn’t Superman without a Lois Lane

So we aren’t gods tonight

Can we justify the death of our species to preserve wildlife?


Is the world upside down?

Somehow we must see that

The game cannot be played

Where you are the prey composing your fate

Can it be ratified

That we join in spirit to never die?


Should we ever get to know you

Oh great maestro of magic?

Without creating something catastrophic


May humanity never be condemned

May we enter our dreamworld and suspend

The thoughts of those who hate us


The End

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