Magic Words

"Please?" he begs.
I waver, knowing I can't refuse
Not for long, anyway
"I need you," he croons.   
His lips grazing along my neck
As he pulls me back into his lap.
"Right now?" I whisper.
He knows he has me
Right where he wants me
"When else?" he asks. 
My mouth is engulfed by his
We're panting, gulping down desperately-needed breaths
"I can't," I gasp, reluctantly turning my face to the side.
My hands are still held tightly in his
He purses his lips and cocks an eyebrow
"Can't?"  he groans, seeming confused.
I nod and nibble his earlobe with a smile.
He's pleased, to put it mildly.
"But baby, you just did." 


The End

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