magic man

when I first met you,

your half hidden face wrapped in a scarf,

I saw only your eyes, their piercing blue sea,

and forever remembered you most pretty

with your face half hidden.

when you performed your magic act,

steady voice couldn't shake the fact

your hands were trembling as you dealt the cards,

you looked at me,

and I nodded, gently, my approval,

as you stuffed handkerchiefs into your fist,

spread your palms – see, it's gone!

and the audience gasped while I grinned,

knowing there was no trick you could play on me.

and when you drove me home,

saving me from a frigid five minute walk,

I told you I was unto you,

your illusions, your secrets, your glittery charm,

you with your ocean eyes gazed into me,

pulled the scarf from your mouth,

vulnerable, uncloaked your ugly

and kissed me.

when I first met you, I felt proud

to not have fallen under you spell,

and now, it wouldn't take a fool to tell

you've caught me in your slight of hand,

I only hope you can't

make me disappear, or saw my heart in half.

I understand now.

It's not a plastic thumb, or a loaded deck,

or a disguised mouth, or objects crammed into your hat.

Love is your real magic, magician man.

The End

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