For Mom. Mother's Day, 2013.

There is a reason why God, with all his wit

Made motherhood disorderly and sometimes unfit.

All the spills and clutter and the piercing screams

Together fit beautifully in his grand scheme.


There is a reason why God, that savvy master

Lets mothers handle the violence that can lead to disaster.

The opposing battlefronts of children at war,

Why, nothing better shows what God has asked for.


There is a reason why God, in his skillful design

Charged the cost of childrearing too high to define.

Though eighteen years sucks money down the drain,

God has a reason for inflicting such a strain.


The sound of a child’s first laugh of joy,

When she prefers storytelling over the value of a toy,

When she calls you her hero and changes the world as she grows;

The mind soon forgets all those pesky little woes.


For man is God’s lone creature that can procreate for pleasure,

To extend his quest while still enjoying the treasure.

To see these humans endure hurdles for the prize

Makes parenthood a worthy investment in God’s eyes.


The tall maple tree produces seeds that will fall

To fasten roots in the ground that will grow strong and tall.

The monarch butterfly with its wings lovely and strong

Passes wings to its children to go discover where they belong.


So one day, when your children are gone,

Sit beneath a maple tree before dawn.

And as you feel the stone-hard roots beneath the grass,

Watch as strong and able monarchs greet you, only to quickly pass.

The End

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