Made of Stars

A more modern-day Native American naming poem

 She was different,
That was plain to see,
Plain in that she was no “plain Jane.”

She was linked to the earth
But only viewed from afar,
Her affinity for craft kept others at bay.

Thriving in night and resting in day,
Her hands shaped the world to her liking
Creating an essence of beauty through art.

To her nothing was ordinary,
It was extraordinary,
Looking at the world with liquid-sky eyes,
Sky that was leaked to the earth:
Blue to green.

If one looked in those eyes hard enough,
He/she could see reflections of the stars;
Her limitless hopes and dreams
Scattered across the galaxies,
Echoing in her creations.

She is a star,
Frozen, alone, shining and
Leaving her name in the sky.

The End

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