I'm Sorry If You Didn't Want This To Be Collaborative, But I Just Wanted To Say

There once was a poet I admired from afar
And- well, you see, he called himself wpr.

He says he cannot create a story,
But really, I'm not much better.
Chaotic storylines, and stumbling characters.

And yet sometimes I drown
And use words as this spider's thread
To drag myself out of this abyss

And I wish you knew 
That I read most (if not all) of your poems,
And each gives me a glimmer of inspiration
That I thought I'd lost (maybe forever).

So I want you to know
That you may feel like a failure now
(As have I, as have we all in a sad, sad circle)
But stories aren't the only valuable writing out there.

Poetry is a gift, 
No matter if you've been born with talent
Or worked hard to get where you are right now.

And this may seem like a silly second page,
But I just wanted to say -

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your writing,
Thank you for giving me inspiration.

And as cliche as it may be,
Tomorrow will be better.

We are people, we are poets.
Tomorrow is always better
Because it has to be - 
The past is always easier to forget
Than the present.

I hope one day you see your poems
The way that I do.

The End

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