Mad GirlMature

Well saw the movie "Gone Girl" - yeah well after it came out. I had read the novel, but found the movie much better. It was quite long, but stayed almost true to the original plot. This is an author's delight to write a character that's dark, disturbing and with almost no qualms. I liked the movie

I call it violating my body
but you call it making love
you perform your sordid ministrations
I stare blankly at the ceiling above

You really are indeed clueless
that while you are taking your fill
With ease I could end your life
with a moderate exercise of will

In the moment you feel so powerful
and I see the whites of your eyes
Its this very weakness I exploit
and before you even realize

In a blur your life could be severed
and your throat's a crimson stain
You drown in shocked surprise
with your life I release my pain

You might consider me docile
But t'is you that’s domesticated
you're a puppet in this relationship
What is love, if not complicated?

The End

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