Macaroni and Cheese

We are obsessed with naming every color in the crayon box,

as if discovering

              macaroni yellow would save the world

               from a black hole of ignorance,

because colors seem so definite, each hue perfected by

               specific saturation that describes the smell of rain.

Artists try to paint us the world, and carve history in stone tablets;

                they use macaroni yellow to paint the sun.

We use red and blue for Republicans and Democrats because

the two colors are separated in the rainbow.

                And if a leprechaun is at the end of the rainbow, he

                has to be wearing green.

We like pouring concrete because it means things are concrete,

                even though concrete is gray, and we prefer

                things in black and white.

It’s the same color of knowledge

                -an apple computer.

               Macaroni yellow will save the world.

The End

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