Ma Soror, La Luna

I apologize for the title. Stupid Google Translate wouldn't give me what I wanted (I don't trust it, anyways) and so what I have up there is a mix of French and Latin. The rough translation is "My Sister, The Moon".
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My sister is a moon.

She shines, but she hides

That once in a while.

It's a shame, really,

Because what other people

See isn't what I do.

I see the girl that used to play

Board games with me while

Talking a mile a minute to

Frantically try to cover the

Sounds of my brother sobbing

In the bathroom, and my parents

Screaming at each other upstairs.

I see the girl who would sit with

Me, one earbud in her ear,

And the other in mine, while

We waited for the bus.

I see the girl who would read

Faery tales to me at night when

We were little. I see her crying

At night, and desperately trying to

Hide it. I see myself helping her

Through her first panic attack when

I was just a kid, not telling her that I

Was uncomfortably familiar with them.

But I also see the lion to my wolf.

Because lions are brave, they are

Proud and are tough as nails.

And I see myself, when I look

At her. I see the reflection of

A grey wolf in the moonlit waters.

I see myself howling and loping

Across the forest floor with surprising

Agility and grace. And so I see strength

And wisdom and a talent for words.

Because my sister may be a lion,

And I may be a wolf, but she is also

A moon, glowing brightly in the night sky,

And I am a rose, prickly to the first touch.

We come together, my sister and I,

And my brother has Mary Anne.

We were always there for him, but

She was his preferred choice.

Sometimes, though, I look at my

Sister, and see what other people do.

And that scares me, but I know (hope)

That it's only the dark side of the moon,

And it'll be full the next night.

But for now, I get to see my sister's

Smile, and hear her laughter, and I wonder,  

How they can they not see her shining from miles away?

How can they not notice how she sparkles

In the sun, her eyes like diamonds?

And how can they possibly miss the way

She glows from the inside, radiating warmth

And safety?  Sometimes I wonder how on

Earth she isn't a sun. And then I recall that

She was the one who took me out at midnight,

Unlocking the door and leading me out into

The yard, so that we could dance to the

Moon and stars. I loved that, dancing in the

Chilly night air with my sister, seeing her smiling

Softly all the way through, and I remember how

Breathless we were after, bursting into laughter

Between our panting. We sneaked back in after,

Even though I wanted nothing more than to

Sleep under the stars. When I was lying in bed that

Night, though, I was grinning from ear to ear. So yes,

A wolf slinks behind the moon when she walks,

But a lion also lies at the foot of the rose's bed,  

Watching over her in her slumber.

And I come to the realization

That courage doesn't always roar.

The End

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