14. Dear Ethereal


It seems it has all come to an untimely end, the fortune and feelings felt; dismissed as quickly as they came. Moments of euphoria and ecstasy stand still in empty picture frames on empty shelves nailed to empty walls, where very few words are heard any more. I think about you every moment of every day, and I sometimes wonder if you are there at all. Were there at all. Could ever be again. I see these monuments from our legacy, the epic trophies structured out in stars beyond which we would kiss. I could stand in a room full of people and see only you; the edge would blur and fade, and we would stand in our own circle.

It seems it has all come to an untimely end. And where I should follow, it seems a path has been obscured, so here I am, here I stand, waiting for those picture frames to be full again, for those empty stars to stand around our own empty room, and for you to give me one last thought before you leave my life and wander this eternity without me.


I love you. x

The End

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