13. Sunspit (Scars Of Yesteryear)

My bags are packed, I’m not ready to leave.
But the sky will send me away from you for the last time.
You’ll come back… but not to me, it’s strange what I remember.
Knowing that each memory is a gash,
A missing limb I could still have.
You’ll be writing some amazing fiction,
Possibly reality.
A stone carved by hearts, it will settle there forever.
It may not show but I’m falling apart,
I don’t really want you to know that it hurts,
In fact I just want to leave,
Depart indifferently,
As if I never cared.
But even I can’t tell that lie to myself.
Sunspit shimmers against each eye,
Charged full of remedies
Strained my disguise,
I emptied my bottles into my tear tanked lungs,
Before I could prevent ending,
I had never begun.
I’m a showcase of heartache,
A billboard of fret,
No matter what I do,
It’s constant regret.
Draw me and angel,
So I can see you again,
I’m your favourite enemy,
I’m your worst best friend.
Dream me an ocean,
A tide is your prize,
Where I am receding,
Your waters supply,
You a full circle,
As black as my knife,
Where my black is dying,
Yours became white.

The End

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