11. For Years It Was Worth It

Sit outside for all these years,
Changing in the hemisphere,
We dismantle our places,
A systematic dysfunction to fail,
Some skin graphs have traces,
Our skeletal structures derail,
Beyond the moon of intimacy,
Lie the clouds of transparency,
A ghost in a shape of a sail,
A long wind whisper with smoke as a tail.
Your figure is dappled in all of my eyes,
Beyond which the stars remain crushed in her kiss
Through forever nothing had felt like her lips,
For these years it was worth it; Stonewalling bliss.
Barrages of sentiment, no stranger to development
A Dark Being leaches in the centre of this incident,
We hold no hands to the wheels of misfortune,
Whilst a didactical somnambulant struggles not to haunt you.
For years it was worth it.
But so long, and good riddance to a Ghost that would never last.

The End

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