10. Letters Of Neon

There is no future here,
It was just a dream I had tomorrow.
And when winter ends,
It doesn’t even fade,
It swallows sharp,
Bitter seeds for me to grow.
Your face is a collection of letters,
Strung together with my messages,
But when a message means nothing,
Your face doesn’t drift out of my mind.
Where once I did, I will never again.
I can feel your breath that was never there,
I can feel the love that I never had,
I can see the things you never left,
I can hear a beat, but my heart is no drum.
I’m dressed in all greens and whites,
A sable name for a daughter we never had,
I bring the blues to my eyes,
Where hazel still remains,
But I’m just as fake.
Yellows grey out the reds,
The streaks of blood that won’t come off,
The metal that doesn’t easily cut,
Stripes of breath hold my mind.
I can’t remember the last time I;
And once more I eat these eyes,
Wondering if you will marry me.

The End

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