6. They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To

And the day, it fades in yellow green,
Some wires hang from me,
And so I shape, the worlds to break between,
I’ve left you all behind to replace it,
This machine once named freedom,
Love… and courage
And my face, ripples down the wind,
Torn off wings dip in,
And I have no heart,
Just broken parts.
They sit down inside the last love’s lies,
And this machine may stop working.
And the day, is bathed in tangerine
An orange burnt out dream,
By sun scar, a melt down,
A core that I centre.
And this is it, I knew the day was coming,
The shades that I have been wearing,
Have burnt into sepia,
And I may be beyond repair,
But there is no remedy,
For the heart of a broken machine.
Steel wings don’t fly powered on lack of love.


The End

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