3. Place For Us To Be

When you faced me… true, the sky was a lesser shade of grey, somewhere the iris you found laid silent like an ocean lens, tacked to the world you could never see, because it was beneath me.
And when you’re too high to feel me at your feet, there’s no knowing what could be underneath.
In the undergrowth some love was made,
But with our voices curling up in burnt follicles,
There was only blue shadow to share.
Her undertones raged beyond a voice,
It crept in analogue dreams,
Generic flavour beside her teeth.
It would have been a failure.
So we, sing out to the clouds,
Drink down the sorrows we found,
But it, took me two days to see,
The defect in the breed.
We know its too far from you,
The place was meant for us.

The End

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