Lyrics of a Romantic

Since I've been at University, I feel I've matured so much as a writer, I'm writing with more ideas in mind, I'm trying to be clearer whilst maintaining hidden emotions and ideas and I've developed a love for nature. The Romantics such as Wordsworth and Keats have inspired new levels of poetry within me, I hope that shows.

Fall and Winter

That solemn tree with tears of fire
Whispers of the autumn time,
the last spits of summer’s embers
sing a memory so sublime.
Oh those fleeting, falling sparks
Flicker and dance in the breeze,
as a grove of cherry blossom,
Or the ancient willow trees.
Green wild grass fades to gold,
whilst all about creeps a heavy haze,
and a frost covered dew, wraps the leaves
In brittle coats of crystal-white glaze.
As if frenzied in its fiery prime,
Swift as the phoenix flies,
The Fall burns and consumes,
till all turns to ash and dies.
Once more comes spring, reborn,
as an immortal device.
But why live a hundred winters,
when one would suffice?

Ah, if only I could blaze,
and in a flash not be,
But scorch the hearts
of those who see me.
And stand thus radiant,
amongst the poppy plots,
amongst the earthy thickets,
and forget-me-nots.

  1. This was somewhat inspired by Keats' 'To Autumn'
The End

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