Lying Reality

Another poem

You don't think I know, you really don't care

All of these lies, all so unfair

Your twisted mind games, here must end

My own sanity, I defend

You lied to me, for all my life

And watched my pain, my endless strife

I know the world built just for me

It isn't real, I can see

Even though you built a reality

To cover up, the only one is me

When I close my eyes, disappear, and go

You turn back, to what you know

What I am not allowed to see

Your twisted games, you play with me

I don't find it funny, I want to know

What you do, and where you go

Built my life, one massive lie

And when I go, and when I die

The world will turn back to reality

I am the only one, you see

The true reality, I mean

The one, by me, is never seen

But I'm going to live this lie

This unreal world, until I die

Cause if you really don't want me to see

Fine, I won't, that's who I'll be

The one who doesn't know whats real

The one who can't, who doesn't feel

The End

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