Lying on my cold bathroom floor

underneath my fingertips; the marble tiles are smooth, cold and hard.
unbelievably comfortable.
watching as time passes by, not good at all.
feels like i can't keep up with time, too tired to, too scared.
let me keep this second to myself and only me.
no one else.
the door is closed but not locked, though no one bothers to enter.
my face is hot, incredibly hot but feels so good against the cold floor.
tears trail across my nose to the floor, making there wet marks. 
trying to breath lightly and not deeply, letting the air escape my lungs, never to return.
chest against the floor, compressed; can not breathe easily.. not even lightly.
lying on my cold bathroom floor... i feel safe, i feel as if when i'm ready, i'll get up any moment.
soon, not now.. but soon.
i just want to stay here for awhile... just let me be.
comfort me when you feel like you must, but right now.. just... let me be.
cold, bitter, sweet on the outside, bitter towards myself.
i gotta face it, truly this time.
i gotta get up, i gotta get up, but... i don't want to..
i feel like i'm just gonna end up here again,
lying on my cold bathroom floor..
whispering to myself, eyes closed so tightly.
"it'll be okai, it'll be okai"
swallowing down the last cup of pride...
i just gotta face it.. i just gotta face it.
exhaling, only exhaling.. let me be.
i'll continue lying on my cold bathroom floor until i can pick myself up again..

The End

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