Lust Leaves You Low

You give yourself away again, for some fleeting pointless pleasure
The sadness inside of you is growing too vast to ever measure. 
Lying in his bed thinking about your innocence where did it go?
You sigh deeply because Lust Leaves You Low.

You are so young, but you're all used up and have nothing left to give
You are alive, but the emptiness makes it so you can't really live. 
You are rotting and wasting away, and it's finally starting to show
You cry alone at night because Lust Leaves You Low.

You indulge when you want, though I warn you not to
You say “I'm just having fun, it's what kids my age do.”
But you fail to see this fun will kill you, you don't know,
The scars you'll have after Lust Leaves You Low.

The End

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