Its a poem that's a description of the feeling of lust and what I feel what lust really is


The worldly epidemic that has intoxicated the Earth, is lust. It creeps into your flesh, travels to your mind as "the monster" sends a siren song to your innermost desires and inflames them. Setting an unquenchable blaze into your loins, that can only be tamed by the pleasures of  flesh. The drunkenness and astonishment of a kiss, the erotica of a hug, is enthralling. The scent of your lover, spouse, or girlfriend/boyfriend is food, to your ravenous, starved senses, and feels ingenuous to your body. As he/she begins to kiss you, your body tingles with anticipation, your hands journey to the body of your "other", and you begin to caress their body, and you shriek at the fact of the thrill of sharing an bodily experience, two bodies that exhibit vulnerability, strength, care, and possible love(mostly lust). That electrifies the desirousness of the over willing power of sex that gnaws and slaughters your innocence, and ignites famished, wild, behavior that devours your mind, engulfs your pride, and envisages the sexual comfort of prolonged rage stricken in your heart for an extensive amount of time, the sadness that appeared voracious and insatiable, the thirst for happiness, that is pacified by the roughness, and placidity of sex, makes you become one. Who could have known lust was so romantic, and passionate yet eventually heart wrenching, for only a night of passion that could cause a lifetime of pain. Lust is….


L- Lies

U- Using people

S- Sexual pleasure and comfort

T-  Time-consuming

The End

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