Lured Fish

We are like fish in a way. Lured and tempted by a false truth.

Ya know, we're all like fish in a way.

We swim around and do our business day by day.

Until a simple piece of glitter enters our zone.

It's pretty, it's different, and it begs not to be left alone.

So we swim out of our way, to taste the beauty it portrays.

From it's looks, it seems right.

Now you're hooked with a single bite.

You quickly realize your mistake, you bit into fate.

Now it's a little late to escape, and simply swim away.

You could just give up and let the fish-line rise,

Because you don't have enough gumption to save your own life.

But as much pain as you might endure,

You can still struggle free from this lure.

If you manage to leave that hook,

You'll still have to accept your new look.

You thought you were "too cool" for your school,

Now you'll swim back looking like a fool.

But they'll still accept you for who you are,

Because every fish in your group has a scar.

Now you do too, it's right on your lip.

It's your lesson to remember, but your mistake to forget.

Just swim along and grow strong.

Next time a piece of glitter enters your zone,

You will KNOW to leave it alone.

Everything harmful is polished with a shine,

To simply attract your eyes and convince your mind.

To all the other fresh fish in the water,

I have a little advice I'd like to offer.

If something seems too good to be true,

It'll hook another victim, that victim will be you.

I'm a part of your school, I'm a friend of yours too.

Just pay attention before you take that bite,

There could be false intentions behind that shimmering light.

One more thing I have to say,

We're all like fish in a way.

Just swim around, and keep to your business day by day.

Don't let a lie lead you astray........

The End

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