35. Blue Sky Drowning

I drive seas away with my clouds,
I send mountains with my seas,
I dream forests in the rivers,
And oceans under trees.
This curve in the blue, such a subtle circle,
Shapes and burnt scars in the morning dew,
a drowning blue, binds lungs away,
Breathing life back
This halo is rising around my newfound humility
This voice lie proud in the evening’s turmoil
This blue sky drowning in a world we’ve yet to see,
This heart lay growing in Eden’s fertile soil.
I know I’ve come far since the days of dreams,
I know I’ve got far to go,
I know we’ve got far to go.
And when I take your world,
I’ll wrap it around your heart,
A vest of dreams to save you,
From a world so dull and bleak,
We’ve come so far without this,
We’ve still got far to go,
I hold your hand forever,
And with a ring on your hand,
And a smile on your heart,
We wander Oblivion,
No fear present in our scars.

The End

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