26. Not All Of Us Are

Draped in your obscurity,
So different in diversity,
Some lingo spat to surely split
Our worlds in two,
What reason for your confrontation,
A pure and simple demonstration,
Of your simplicity
A taste of how different you are.

 Mechanical arms pull these strings,
Moving your ill-worked lobes,
Your brittle superiority,
Part of the majority,
Drawing robots with the same ink.

 Not all of us are so different,
Not nearly so, as we think,
For slim reasoning,
Your trite metaphors,
Pick bitter kisses as words from your lips.

 I don’t believe that I wear a mask of reason,
I don’t pretend to know it all,
I crush worlds with my intention,
But never promise to rebuild.
I wear a mask of treason,
I supply illogic and diffusion,
I dare say you are different,
But maybe just simply different to me.

 But who am I to tell you,

I’m just a wolf in dog’s clothing,

spitting random words, with ink.

The End

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