20. Sepulcher

Chimerical we gather, swatting stars from beneath the sky,
Broken things sing dangerous hymns, blacken deep lungs tonight,
Apocalyptic rainbow, kiss ripped from nothing more,
Scars sang sunsets slowly, breathing moon tides out to shore.
Perpetual we decay, rot in the radiating fade,
Dream of forever things, wisps of bones in disarray,
All the colours are broken, like an eclipse at sunset, bleak
And the shadows are my sweet midnight, all the memories begin to leak.
Wither for the sun’s delight,
Tremble in my sweetest plight,
Dreamt of dark creatures tonight,
Before you came and took my life,
In this dark sepulchre,
I wake inside this tomb,
Of all these creatures singing,
Inside this bleeding womb,
I’ve come here, only human,
My sin’s render me none,
For all the time’s I’ve forgotten,
I’m not the only one.
Chimerical we gather, swatting stars from broken skies.
blotting out the strange ribbons of the sun’s eclipse tonight.

The End

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