17. Hysteria

We’ve taken this dose too many times,
Losing all our intuition, 
We’re drowning in our drugs.
Nettles creep up around me,
I am forgotten in these runes,
tracing our ancestors marks,
Down our dull grey skin.
Stone wraps around me,
And I am left with no paths to boast,
I travel weary and weathered mind maps,
Gasping for air that is too brittle to swallow.
I’m wrapped in stone
And there is no escape,
We’re too many statues with
No movement to make.
I stand here forever,
Watching ivy grow,
I throw my dark and disassembled muscles about
This world of dark control.
I am forgotten in these runes,
I am dark and dreary signs,
That I have just become older,
and can no longer live like I had.
What once was, will never be again,
And these stones mark my path to the end of the line.

The End

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