10. Ending Song

I thought I had changed for good,
But for better or for worse
It appeared I hadn’t changed at all.
                                   Now my back is against the                           wall
Phosphorous blink of night time,
A dagger in the right place.
So the city splits me open,
removing all my artefacts,
just to bleed from me,
all my dirty truths.
I’m kissing my own path,
Winding spiders down my spine
Can you feel their dark clots gather?
Drag me to the ether,
This is my ending song.
Somewhere in this spat ink,
I find I’ve lost my motive,
In a soft utterance of nothingness,
A crude symbol to cross calamity,
My echoing vision misplaced,
But now I solemnly see,
That our paths cross somewhere,
at the furthest point from heaven.
My morals and me.

The End

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