Hush, child the darkness will rise from the deep

It’ll carry you down to sleep

Guileless son, I’ll shape your belief,

And you’ll always know that your father’s a thief,

You won’t understand the cause for your grief,

But I’ll help you follow the voice from beneath

Guileless son, your spirit will hate her,

My blood flower who married the rich man, the traitor,

You’ll expose puppeteer behavior,

For you are the proof of how he betrayed her

Guileless son, each day you grow old,

Each moment I am watching, my vengeance unfold,

For the child of my body, the flesh of my soul,

He will die for the returning of the birthright he stole

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Only to me, only to me, only to me

I am the one roaming in the black cloak

I row you around the moat

To the certain black, hot as fire, gates

You get what you deserve you’ll see what soon awaits

I feel abhorrence; the sight of your face is what it takes

In your sleep, you’re in front of me; I sing this lullaby to you

You will soon comprehend the misery you caused me, I’ve become blue

I’m sure the future for you and afterwards me, in hell we meet, it’s true

The End

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