Lower and Lower: A Love Affair with DrugsMature

drugs and life

Lower and Lower: A love affair with drugs


At 18 I tried pot.

Smokin a J in the shed with my cousin.

‘This is good shit right?’He says to me.

A pothead is born.


At 19 I moved on to bigger and better things.

Shrooms first, then rolls and acid came.

Trippin ballz in the snow, the colors!

Everything’s breathing, I can see it.


Then there were the pills.

A habit forms.

More and more,

Lower and lower we go.


One dayyoucant get it.

You want something now, gota have it.

So you turn somewhere you thought you wouldn’t go.

But its cheaper and strong. You like it better then the pills.


I take a ride with a dope fiend.

Next thing you know you cant go without it.

Don’t wana get sick.

That one time turns to everyday.


You become a liar,

a cheat,

 a thief,

a whore.


What happened to that girl you were a year ago?

The happy girl from before, you can barely remember her.

Your memories of life before the drugs are all but gone now.

In there place you have memories of getting high, blackouts, depression.


Was that high worth your soul?

Was it worth your family?

Was it worth your memories?

It leaves you with nothing, not even yourself.


Yet you still go back.

You still fall right back into the pattern of abuse.

You want to forget, want to get high.

It’s never different.


The End

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