Low Lives

Praise the low lives that stand above us
you’ve torn me to your level
two broken hearts cannot make a whole
yet you believed otherwise

Jaundiced eyes glare at the collapse
of the person I thought you were
Slaughtered by vain separation
it should have been so much more

This is where it ends
where we wait to die
These lacerations mean more to me
then you ever did
This is where it ends
where the mourners cry
This consolation means more to me
than you will ever know

Delirium of a passionate ache
look at what you have done to me
ageless we seem in the crimson flames
ready to disintegrate at a flawed desire

Your skin of silk tears like the razorblade
each deeper than the last desertion
if I was numb I would be unknowing
wont you please let me shed my troubled years

The End

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