Love's Revenge

... not too sure about this one...

Crimson nights,

A bridge,

Creaking with every step,


Drowned in raindrops,

Seldom crushed,

Often ignored,

Possessing a secret.

A lover's abode,

Delicate footsteps,

Sounds of a women,

Draped in a dark cloth,

Slowly pacing,


Anticipating the truth,



A track of muddy shoes,

Leading to an ancient tree,

Shrouded in leaves,

Safety from the unknown.

A head,

Wrinkled with age,

Scratched by thorns,

A strong physique,

Calmly aged,

The man's stick creaked under pressure,

Bewildered by the message,

Seeking forgiveness.

When she reached the middle,

Her end snuck behind,

He struck heartlessly,

While he stood away,

Watching the past escape,

Knew his wrong of love,

Kissed the dead,

Absorbed the knowing water below.

The End

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