The EndMature

I told you once, I'm scared of loving,

I'm scared of being hurt.

I showed you my heart, opened it up,

And you left me in the dirt.

The mistakes were mine, and yours as well.

We both know that is true,

But how am I to just move on,

When all I am, is you.

The tears I've cried, and will cry yet,

Leave marks upon the pillow.

The feather touch of your first kiss,

Your love; it made me mellow.

The night-long talks, the morning notes,

Secret smiles and not-so-secret too,

There's so much I long to see,

And say and feel and do. 

You won't forgive me, give a chance,

Or even talk or listen,

You're on my mind all of the time,

Give my mind and heart a rest;

Release them.

The End

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