What If?Mature

There is no longer need to follow,

no longer need to fight.

' Tis only need to live with fire

and to do what is right.

What do you do when one is ready,

willing to settle down?

When one is scared and cannot find

the strength to remain bound?

Fear of loss and fear of hurt

freeze me in my place,

"What if" are the difficult questions,

"What if"; I cannot bear to face.

There's no real way to ever know

the in's and out's of the mind.

So, what if you do find my heart,

but can its strings not bind?

For me there is no other but you,

who is within my heart,

but what about if you are gone,

desiring or not to part?

What if I end up hurt or lost?

What if I can't be found?

What of guilt or of regret?

What of feelings unfound?

The End

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