Forbidden PassionsMature

Based on the relationship between Rose and Dimitri in the Vampire Academy book series

As I picked up the quiver,

There ran a gentle shiver

Along my spine in anticipation

Of the touch that would come

From my instructor, the one

Who would guide me and bring such sensations.

Adjusting my stance

For what was joyous as a dance

With him as my partner, for this and the next

Part of training me in combat

In the field and on the mat

Together we aim to fight and be the best.

Our adrenaline pumps,

Our hearts strongly thump

In our chests as we prepare for fight.

I will learn a new move,

Then he’ll push me til I prove

That I know it and can get it right.

After, when we go to change

We walk together on the range

And though our future says we should not

We walk, our hands just gently brush

How I long to feel his touch

Cool fingers on me to ease the hot

Fire burning me up inside out

But I feel his struggles’ shouts.

Desire versus honour within him

Sweet, stolen kisses no longer

Hold up to our strong hunger

So at last it takes over, we give in.

The End

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