Lover's Embrace

I help you from your silky dressing,

Letting it fall to the floor.

You stand before me,

Bared for the world to see.

Your beauty is undeniable.

Looks so sharp, yet delicate.

You are cold to touch,

I press you to my skin.

It sends a shock through my body,

And for a moment I feel alive.

We embrace passionately,

It is a hasty affair,

For we might be caught,

And our reputations that would slash.

We part,

Go our separate ways.

But with each passing day,

I yearn for your touch.

I yearn for that feeling,

Of being alive.

It builds and grows,

‘Till no more can I bear.

In weakness I seek you out.

I know I do wrong,

Yet I’ve no will to stop.

Only with you do I feel alive.

In a hurry I undress you.

Anticipation of what is to come,

Causes my heart to thump against its cage.

I take grip of you,

Bringing you slowly closer.

I run a quivering hand along your body.

Our bodies meld into one,

You sink into the warm embrace of my body.

A lover’s embrace.

All too soon you pull away.

You leave a gaping wound.

My life’s blood flowing freely.

Your beautiful body stained red.

I fumble for you.

I lose strength with each beat of my heart.

Darkness closes in.

Death approaches.


A lover’s embrace.

The End

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