Lover rating

Lover Score - like a FICO score

Well everything in our world has an intrinsic value, then why not even love? So whats your love rating?

1 - Absolute cad
2 - The cheat
3 - The taker
4 - The controller
5 - Possessive
6 - The strayer
7 - Brooding
8 - Pleaser
9 - Giver
10- Romantic
11- Passionate
12- Keeper

There's such a thing as credit rating
for financial health, maintain a score
For lovers perchance might there be one?
their history now and from before?

And from that score could be numbers
that we could summarily assign
The lows would stretch credibility
highs much sought by those determined

Before embarking on a first date
the said score one could divine
and examine the history before
the future could be undermined

And in this connected world such as ours
where the right information is a prize
the correct score could your love-life save
or lead to relationship demise


Just imagine with the right score
how much aggravation it would save
armed with the right information
how the potential candidate will behave!

But then it’s just another system
that suitors could circumvent
to fabricate or steal from another
and an alternate history invent

To rely on your own intuition
and to some degree of trust
be able to judge those before you
the better from the worst

The End

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