Loveless' Lament

With fear of death she's sleeping now

Though life to her is kind.

Longingly he gazes from afar,

The faintest trace

Of smile fading on her lips.

Now it goes, as always has:

The loveless loves the lovely.


But still Lovely loves another;

One luckier than Loveless.

And Lucky says he loves her too;

He'll never let her go.

Now Loveless clings to crumbled pieces of his crippled heart,

And so it is, as always was:

Dear Loveless loves bright Lovely.


He'll try to be not covetous

Of Lucky's gift from heaven.

All Loveless wants is for pure Lovely

To be as happy as she can be,

Even if it means he can't.

Because it was, as always shall:

Damned Loveless loves sweet Lovely.

The End

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