Just sat down with a notebook and a pen on a day i felt crappy and this is what happened

The only reason I can't say I hate the drama,

is that I have to admit that I love the attention.

I hate myself too much to ever love you,

but you're a close second in a fight for my intentions.

I love the good times with my friends,

but i hate when no one has my back.

Truth is when you're all around for me,

I forget about all the things I lack.

I have a love/hate relationship with irony,

it always has a laugh to lend.

I love how it gives everyone what they deserve,

but hate how it gets me too in the end.

I love it when the weather gets colder,

but hate how much it resembles my heart.

Even worse is I'd never change for a second,

which I guess brings me right back to the start.

The End

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