Love Uncomparable

Love Uncomparable

I cant express the happiness whenever I see you
my head starts spinning and I could hear my heart beating
I start to bable and choke on my words as if I swallowed a corkscrew
my hearts starts to throb like crazy as if out of my chest it could breakthrough

My love for you , I just can't explain the way I feel
how much it makes me do stuff I wouldn't do
I just wanna reveal how my feeling for you're you are real
how much my feelings make me do taboo

Small or big , long or short . I'de run any distance just to be with you
but I can't , for you love another guy , and that left a wound on my heart I can't sew
Just seing you happy and sweet with him is unbearable
but remember one thing . I love you and his love for you can't match mine
cause my love for you is uncomparable

The End

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