Love Unchanging

There you go again,

In all you splendour and serenity,

Instantly my heart beats slower faster,

I feel myself slipping away,

Falling once again into the whirlwind of love,

My worlds stop, my head spins,

Here it comes, the burst of emotions,

Like a tidal wave, sweeping through me,

I’m standing here once again caught up in your endless beauty,

You’re all I can see, just you and me dancing, playing,

Singing together in the rain.

My words cannot describe the joy I feel at the thought of:

Just holding you as the sun glisten in you hair,

Radiating your beauty and smile for all to see.

The thought of the touch of you lips on mine,

It sends shivers down my spine,

And makes my heart beat so fast, it feels like a stampede in my chest.

The thought of running my hand down the side of your face,

Feeling its softness and nurturing.

I see us ten years from now; you’re playing with the children,

I watch you and I see that same smile that kept me mesmerised all those years ago,

And I’m again filled with that indescribable and overwhelming feeling of emotion.

The emotion of love, that only my heart can understand,

It is that which cannot be understood by then mind, only the heart.

Snap! I’m back in reality gaze across the street, and yes!

She’s still there; I take another look at her eyes,

And wonder at the soft compassionate look they have.

She’s standing there all alone, now’s my chance!

I walk up to here mustering courage as I walk.

I’m about 6 metres from her, I can do this!

Just then a guy arrives and they greet and walk off.

My heart shatters, are her eyes only for him!?

It cannot be, no it cannot!

It is then that I recognise his face,

Her brother, I have nothing to worry about!

Joy fills my heart and the irony once there is gone,

Like a wisp in the wind.

My hearts explodes with relief and happiness.

I pull out her picture from my pocket,

Running the tips of my fingers down it, gently, softly,

I can almost feel the softness of her hair, a shiver creeps down my spine,

This is my love for her,

A love that cannot be broken by sword, steel or jest

Nor will it shatter if dropped,

It cannot be ripped apart by savage beast,

It will not fade in the wind,

Or get lost in time

No! This love is forever, it has no limits or restriction.

My love for her, is encrypted in my heart,

So her death is my death,

Her sorrow mine,

Her happiness mine,

Her anger mine,

Even her heartbreak is mine,

If she falls away so do I,

For she is my world.

This is my LOVE, unchanging love!

The End

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