Love TreasonMature

Love is all the things you make of it, good or bad.

Life holds all answers

Challenges to discover

Hidden blessings to uncover

Joy bold and bright as belly dancers


When I sit staring out the window

Met by grey buildings, sky and mood

I understand the lack of hope

The world holds so crude


The absent presence in faces of war

The emptiness in pain filled eyes

The lost connections of people

Connected to everything except each other


Why do we need all these vises

Sweeping reality under life’s rug

Where only the pests can survive


Mind flushed with

Why and Why Not’s

Can and Cant’s

Wants , needs and

Get the Fuck a way’s!


Oh! What can I do? …. We all say

Believing that there is only a 1 in a million chance

Of being able to make a difference


Well let me tell you a little secret…..


Monkey see… monkey do

Cow hungry… cow moo

Natural instinct a simple truth

Trapped under hoses hoof


Clapping hands and stomping feet

In our hearts a lifelong beat

The beauty of a dog playing

Together …. The only word we’ll be saying


Following the light of joy

A girl running after her one and only boy

Forgotten all that was lost

Liberated by her newly found host


You and me… we can be

Together as one

And concur the burning sun

Fighting through the destruction so cold

A friendship forever to hold


I know what you are thinking

All goodness and essence sinking


A boat with torn sails

A track without any trains

An eagle with no claws

A country without laws


But let your mind rest

And believe in the best


Let love come into your kitchen

The place of gathering and redemption

Let it join you in your house

The most true and loyal spouse

Don’t ever keep it from coming in

Please keep the door wide open


For love might leave

And only stay for a season

For in life’s ways

There is no reason

Other than to love


And if love becomes a crime

Well then let it be my treason


The End

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