Love, to me...

Love to me is like waking up on a Saturday morning,
stretching my limbs and feeling free.

Love to me is talking to you,
about everything.

Love to me is looking into your eyes,
and seeing home.

Love to me is that feeling I get
when I know true love is real,
and that it's just waiting for the right moment.

Love to me is reading quotes by Shakespeare, Yeats, Tolkien, and Saint-Exupery.
"One sees clearly only with the heart."
"All that glitters is not gold."
"Though art more lovely."
"The worst are full of passionate intensity."

Love to me is love to you.
We see clearly only with our hearts.
Our eyes were not made for sensing.

Love to me is knowing
that you love me too,
and that you won't give up on me.

Love to me is never letting go of
my belief in love,
and happy endings.

Love to me is a happy beginning
that starts with one, single, unequivocal, beautiful, ethereal, unforgettable, lovely, moment.

The End

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