Love Thy Neighbour

A little respect can go a long way.

Still, he lays,
Alone and cold,
Waiting in silence,
With stories untold.

Who is this man?
Why should we care?
What difference does it make?
He's no longer there.

If this man could speak,
He'd tell you his name,
How he fought for his country,
For neither wealth nor fame.

I don't know this man,
Our lives did not entwine,
I have never met him,
He is no concern of mine.

This man is a human being,
Much like you and me,
He asks not for much,
A little respect is free.

I'm not able to go,
I'm busy that day,
It's not that important,
I didn't know the man anyway.

The day did arrive,
To send the man to the flame,
All preparations were made,
But nobody,
Not a soul,

The End

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