Love: The Ever Contradictory Puzzle

For you again, with all my love.

The hurt that engulfs me,

Burns and tortures me,

Should allow some relief,

Through tear-stained cheeks.

But my love is masochistic,

It relishes the pain,

And my eyes remain desert dry,

You are the absense of the rain.

I suffer day by day,

Without seeing your eyes,

I drown in a fragile misery,

Which breaks upon hearing your name.

And through all of this my love flies,

Given wings at the sight of you,

So in your company I'm alive,

And waiting for my death too.

I live and breath the existence of you,

I suffer without your presence,

But each soft word and endearing smile,

Makes you a part of me.

I never feel as happy,

As free or as a whole,

As when you have eyes for me,

And I rejoice at the love in my soul.

The End

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