Love Strange

Inspired by the novel - "The man who folded himself" by David Gerrold.

I am really gender agnostic
Either business end doesn’t appeal
while all consummation remains the same
what only matters is how you feel

How to find that perfect someone?
Does it matter whether he or she?
No person can know you better
Isn't that person just really me?

What is love, but innate longing
the blending of hearts and minds
why search the world for lover
look inside and one might find

So could I go and find a lover
even one that happens to be me
one who would know all my desires
the benefit of shared histories

Is it wrong to feel this way?
What future could there possibly be?
Could we ever live together?
and not be victims of bigotry?

"This is perverted", so many say
such love is never meant to be
So we escape into these pages
and hide within these fantasies

The End

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